How Our Process Works

The approval process is a snap.

  • Start By Applying for Financing. Our application requires less information than the competition’s, and no down payment is required. Our system takes into account your location, credit profile, and income. There’s no minimum credit score required, as we have lenders who support every credit tier.
  • Speak with Your Wisconsin Auto Loan Specialist. Your lender will contact you directly, in order to proceed with your loan. They will guide you through the rest of the process, including interest rates and terms. Bear in mind, you are under no obligation to accept this loan.
  • Select a Vehicle from a Dealer in Your Zip Code. Now that you’re approved, you can purchase your new or used vehicle from a dealership in the area. Pre-approved financing will serve to streamline the process of buying your vehicle, and possibly improve your negotiating leverage with your dealer.

Leading Vehicle Selection

Both new and used vehicles are available. In fact, through the dealers in our network we can offer you access to tens of thousands of vehicles in Wisconsin, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you have a certain vehicle in mind, financing it shouldn’t be a problem, as long as it’s within your maximum allowable loan amount.

The Benefits of Auto Loan Pre-Approval

A growing number of Wisconsin consumers are opting to pre-arrange their financing. You won’t have to stress over your rate of interest or conditions, just the vehicle you want. It also decreases the amount of paperwork you’ll have to do in person. In short, it improves the entire process, getting rid of one of the primary hurdles to getting a new car.

Wisconsin Auto Loan Rates

A substantial percentage of your monthly payment will be interest, meaning lower rates will result in lower payments. Your actual rate will be dependent on a wide range of factors, but here are some averages based on our industry experience.

FICO Used Vehicle APR New Vehicle APR
720-850 3.5% 3.0%
690-719 6% 4.5%
660-689 8.0% 6.5%

Market-Leading Security

At Wisconsin Auto Finance, we have some of the strictest security standards in the business. Sensitive data transmissions are encrypted with SSL (HTTPS), and our database professionals utilize firewall and intrusion detection software to prevent unauthorized access.

In most cases, we delete your most sensitive data from our database after one week, and unlike most of the competition, we will not saturate your inbox with other promotions.