Two New Russ Darrow Used Car Franchises Open in Green Bay

In an effort to expand its used vehicle business, the Russ Darrow group has opened two new franchises at 2800 Ramada Way in Green Bay. The first business is a Russ Darrow Used Car Superstore, and the second, located on the same property, is a J.D. Byrider franchise. The Used Car Superstore is similar to Russ Darrow’s other location in Appleton. This is the seventh buy-here pay-here chain owned by the Russ Darrow group, with five in Wisconsin and two in Colorado.

This new location plans to have around 150 vehicles including budget vehicles, sport utilities, certified vehicles, sedans, crossovers and others in addition to over 1,000 vehicles in the Russ Darrow Group system that can be acquired depending on the customer’s needs. The showroom is all-new and features televisions, a lounge, and free Wi-Fi. This new location also offers a full-service maintenance and repair facility with six service bays servicing all makes and models. This location will bring 25 new jobs to the area. The Russ Darrow group of dealerships is a family-owned business that has been in Wisconsin for 48 years, and is set to continue the customer-friendly sales process brought by the J.D. Byrider franchise at the new location in Green Bay.

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A Brief Summary of Dealer-Arranged And Bank Financing.

When applying for a loan to purchase a car, it can often times be advantageous to apply for a loan from outside the dealership. When you get a loan directly from a dealer (also known as a dealer-arranged loan), the dealer will first give you the loan before selling it to the bank. Thus, it is often in their best interests to not give you the best rates.

In bank financing, where you get a loan from the bank, you are working directly with the bank, which means that there is no car-dealer trying to increase the interest you are paying on the loan.

One must remember that in both of these cases however, the terms of the loan are negotiable, so no matter the option you decide to use remember to negotiate. This can save you many dollars in the long run. Furthermore, getting quotes from multiple sources and vendors may help you save money as well. Each different place will have different terms, and it is imperative that you pick the one that is best for you.

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Car Loans: The Impact of Rate-Shopping on Your Credit

Did you know that credit check requests can decrease your overall credit score? It is true, and these requests can accumulate when done consecutively. However, it depends on the individual, score number, and the type of report request. Credit bureaus can lower an average of five points off your total score for each inquiry, but most will count multiple inquiries as a single inquiry as long as they happen within a 30-day period.

For this reason, if you are looking for the best car loan rate, you may want to be careful and consider your options before you start applying for car loans. Your best option is to focus finding a loan after careful research in a short amount of time, preferably in less than a month’s time. However, when thinking about the main picture, it is important to take into account that finding the best interest rate in a car loan can be more important as it will save you thousands in the long run, as opposed to the modest dent on your credit score.

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Strong Retail Sales Indicate Strongest July Sales In Seven Years

Sales numbers for new cars could reach their highest July number since July, 2006, when 1,489,359 new vehicles were sold. According to’s estimation, 1,328,397 are likely to be sold this July. Since fleet sales are low this July, the number indicates strong performance in private retail sales. Used car sales are also up from last month, and it is predicted that Toyota sales are likely to overcome Ford sales for the first time since March 2010.

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Volkswagen Opening Five New Factories in China by the End of 2013

Volkswagen has announced that it will open five new factories in China before the end of 2013. This move, being made despite the fact that General Motors has just posted numbers showing that it had sold more cars in China the first half of this year than has VW, is just one step in the German juggernaut’s ongoing march to become the planet’s top automaker.

Currently, VW produces an even score of models in the Land that Mao built. Additionally, the company imports 50 more models into China. VW says that once these new plants have opened, employing people from all segments of society, it will be making 30 models in country and importing around 60.

Kenosha Dealership Offers Not One, But Two Dodge Dart Mopars

The Dodge Dart Mopar is an extremely limited production model vehicle, as only 500 units have been produced. Interested buyers will need to order in advance or have connections to a dealership in order to purchase one of these vehicles. Palmen Motors, a car dealership in Wisconsin, has recently obtained not one, but two new Dodge Dart Mopars for sale, and they anticipate a huge interest in the vehicles from the public.

This Dodge model comes in a glossy black color with blue stripes on the hood. The body styling is unique, as is the 160 horsepower engine. Even the seats have custom stitching with the Mopar logo proudly displayed on each leather surface.

Interested buyers should act fast, since these rare vehicles are sure to be snatched up soon.

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Auto Sales Rise, as Loan Rates Drop

Recent data from Experian Automotive and Autodata Corp shed some light on trends in auto financing and sales. The average new car loan at the end of 2012 was $26,691, the highest it’s been since 2008. The average loan length was 65 months, a record high. The average interest rate for a new car loan was 4.36%, down from last year’s 4.52%. The lower rate on the higher loan amount resulted in an average monthly payment of $465, down from last year’s $468. New car sales, in the first 2 months of 2013, have increased about 8% from 2012.

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Drivers in Wisconsin Need to Be Wary of Dangerous Intersections

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported to Today’s TMJ4 about the area’s most dangerous intersections. They were notified of a federal report that keeps records of the roads that have the most serious safety concerns and issues. The University of Wisconsin’s Traffic Operations and Safety Lab “TOPS” explained why drivers should be very aware of the 4 main roads listed in the report.

Driverless Technology to Be Tested in Wisconsin

Senator Fred Risser of Wisconsin has proposed to allow driver-less cars on the road. Driver-less cars are cars operated by a computer system with sensors and cameras. These vehicles could greatly improve driver safety for those is Wisconsin due to their winter weather and the challenges of driving on sleet, snow, and ice.