Auto Loans in Brookfield (WI)

From FICO scores to down payments, financing a car can be a bewildering process, but we’ll help you from application to approval. Our extensive network of Wisconsin dealers and lenders is standing by, awaiting your application. When you apply online, your secure application will enter our placement platform. There we will match you with a lender based on location, income, credit profile, and other factors.

What if I Have Credit Problems?

Our application process is an excellent option for people with credit problems.

In fact, we have dealers and lenders in our network who work with people of each different credit tier. A down payment, as well as proof of income may be required, but most people who apply through us are approved within minutes. If you have below-average credit, you’ll typically be approved by a bad credit car dealer or auto lender. These companies submit information to the credit reporting agencies. This is crucial to reestablishing your credit. Our service is easy, fast, and hassle-free. Go here to submit your application online.

Financing a Car with No Down Payment

Buyers with good credit can usually get an auto loan with no money down. Unfortunately, it’s a little harder for applicants with low credit scores. That is because loans to such consumers are much more of a risk for the lending company. Delinquency is much more likely, and a down payment means that at least a percentage of the vehicle has already been paid for in advance. That being said, there are dealers who offer financing for people with no money down.

Simply indicate your down payment amount on your application, and our system will find you a dealer or lender who can work with your down payment, or lack of one.

What About Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

This type of financing is also known as:

  • Your Job is Your Credit
  • Tote The Note
  • Rent to Own
  • We Finance

These dealers approve people for financing in-house, instead of working with banks or finance companies. Of course, the interest rates are higher than average, but there aren’t many roadblocks to approval.

Brookfield Consumer Profile

There is more to auto financing than just your credit score. Loan companies look at the following:

  • Debt to Income Ratio
  • Employment History
  • History of Credit

Below are some average stats for residents of Brookfield.

  • Gross Income: $53,786 Per Year
  • Average Car Payment: $493 (11% of Income)
  • Recommended Car Payment: $359 to $448 (8%-10% of Income)

Ever wondered about the credit scores of your friends and neighbors? We have estimated how many Brookfield consumers fall into each range of FICO scores.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 1,252
500-549 5% 3,129
550-599 8% 5,006
600-649 12% 7,510
650-699 15% 9,387
700-749 18% 11,264
750-799 27% 16,897
800-850 13% 8,135

Not where you would like to be when it comes to credit? Don’t worry, we can help virtually any applicant who earns $1500 or more per month, regardless of what their credit score is.