Finding the Time to Refresh Your Home

Spring into summer and fall into winter; every season comes with it opportunities to refresh your home. But to be honest, with today’s hectic lifestyle, how often do you refresh your home? Who has time to refresh unless they absolutely need to, say company is coming over. It is in times like these that you need to know how to quickly find the time to refresh your home. According to an article by House Beautiful, changing your home with the change of seasons will help you to break out of any rut that you fell into. Every season comes with it an opportunity to redecorate not just spring. Although, it is true that spring time is a time to get your home organized and spruced up, spring cleaning anyone? According to Organized Home, you should spring clean every time the clock changes (in the spring and in the fall). The truth is, you will never have the kind of time you need to deeply clean your home. The best option that you have is to clean as you go along and to keep things clean. If you live this way, when company does drop by announced, you will not be embarrassed by your home.


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Tips for Selling Used Vehicles

Have you decided it’s time to sell your current car? Maybe you’ve decided to upgrade, down size, or are in the market for a different type of vehicle all together. Whatever your situation may be, follow these tips from the automotive experts to ensure you receive top dollar for your used car. The highest sales prices will be realized from selling to a private party. Consider the fact that if you plan to trade you vehicle in to a dealership for a new car, the dealership will present a lower offer as their costs are higher and they build in a profit for reselling your vehicle. While it may take additional work and logistic to sell your vehicle on your own, you will generally receive a higher sales price.

The first step is to bring your car as close to possible back to show room condition. Remove everything from the vehicle not placed there by the manufacturer. Trash, clothing, books and backpacks should all be removed. Remove floor mats and shampoo or replace as necessary. Thoroughly vacuum the interior including the trunk. Pay special attention to the console area and between the seats. Using a product designed for leather and vinyl, clean all the surfaces in the vehicle including the seats. Finally, shine the interior windows. On the exterior, clean the wheels and tires with a power washers and strong solution. Thoroughly wash the exterior of the vehicle and shine the windows.

Assemble all the service records for the vehicle as well as the title. Either remove the license plate or tap over it and take multiple photos of the interior or exterior. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a tablet from Lenovo to research used car prices online. Once you’ve established a fair and honest price for the vehicle, select a used car website on which to post it for sale. Provide a complete description, reason for selling and upload the photos. Meet interested parties in a public space and be sure to retain your license plate after the sale is complete.