Used Cars in Antigo (WI)

Wouldn’t it be great to view local dealer inventory on the web, instead of driving from one dealer to the next in the hot sun or winter cold? We enable you to look at used cars available in Antigo, without the hassle. Locate the car or truck you want, then contact the dealership to arrange an appointment to see it. If you need to finance this vehicle, you may want to find out if they’re able to get you financed themselves.

It’s important to budget wisely for this vehicle. Quite a few industry experts suggest spending just 30-35% of your yearly salary on a used vehicle. Let’s pretend you make $33,531 a year, the average among Antigo residents–this would be a car costing $10,059 to $11,736. The maximum percentage you should spend is 50%, or $16,766 in this case. For anybody who is financing, it’s best to spend no more than 10% of your income each month on your car payment and go with the shortest repayment term possible. If you make $2,794 each month, this translates to a payment of $279, at most.

Cheap Cars in Antigo, WI

Are you wanting to buy a used car without spending a small fortune? Given the lessons learned during the recession, Americans are investing less in their cars, and we can help you find a reliable used car that doesn’t cost a ton of money. Often, we can find you a long-lasting used car that costs less than the down payment on one that’s new, and there won’t be a monthly payment to deal with.

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