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Exploring used cars in Appleton? Here at Wisconsin Auto Finance, we enable you to see available cars near you–from your computer or smart phone! If you have any questions about a vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact the dealer via the vehicle listings page. You might inquire whether financing is an option, if that’s how you intend to fund this purchase. Have you decided how much you’re going to invest in your vehicle? Here’s a popular tip among personal finance experts: spend around one-third of your annual income on a used vehicle. Let’s say you earn $34,511 per year, the average in Appleton–this would be a $10,353 car. While 30% or less is ideal, a lot of people spend closer to 50%–$17,256, in this case. For anyone who is financing, just 10% of your monthly income should be put toward a monthly car payment. Don’t stretch out your payment term to purchase a pricier vehicle. Given an income of $2,876 a month, this equates to a maximum payment of $288.

Cheap Used Cars in Appleton, WI

Is cost one of your main considerations? With the financial crisis still casting a long shadow, consumers aren’t spending as much on their cars, and we can find you a good car priced to sell. Purchasing a vehicle this inexpensive helps you avoid bad debt, while keeping your monthly expenses to a minimum.

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