Used Cars in Janesville (WI)

On the hunt for a great used car, truck, or SUV? Below we have a wide selection of used cars in Janesville. If you have a question about a vehicle, it’s easy to connect with the dealer directly through the vehicle listings page. In many cases, you can get pre-qualified for financing on the details page. How much should you invest in your new car? It depends on your income. Typically, you want to spend around one-third of your annual income on a car. Let’s say you’re earning $24,063 per year, the average among Janesville residents–this would be $7,219. While 30% or less is ideal, a lot of people spend closer to 50%–$12,032, in this case. Take a look at this table, based on this $24,063 income.

% of Income Vehicle Price Verdict
20% $4,813 Fantastic
30% $7,219 Smart
50% $12,032 Average
75% $18,047 Bad
100% $24,063 Terrible

Cheap Cars in Janesville, WI

Looking to buy a good solid car in Janesville, but cheap? Whatever your budget, we allow you to find the car that suits your fancy. Sort your results to find cars in Janesville under $10,000, $5000, or even less. Buying a vehicle this bargain-priced helps you protect against bad debt and monthly payments.

Zipcode Make Model Minimum Price Maximum Price Condition
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