Used Cars in Milwaukee (WI)

There are so many used cars for sale in Milwaukee–which one suits you best? Here at Wisconsin Auto Finance, we help you see what cars are available from dealers in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Search for the car or truck you want, then contact the dealership to arrange a viewing appointment. You can buy most of these vehicles through cash or a loan, and in many cases you’ll be able to get pre-qualified for financing online. Go here for more on vehicle financing in Milwaukee.

Naturally, the amount you should spend on a car should be determined by your income. A number of personal finance pros propose spending around 30% of your yearly income on a car. For instance, the average income in Milwaukee is $25,303, which would be a $7,591 car. If you are planning to finance this vehicle, about 10% of your monthly income, at the most, should be allocated to your car payment each month. Don’t be tempted into stretching out your loan repayment term to purchase a nicer vehicle–48 months or less makes for the healthiest finances. If you earn $2,109 a month, this would be a payment of $211, maximum. Here is a table of average rates in the MKE area to give you an idea of what to expect.

Cheap Cars for Sale in Milwaukee, WI

Trying to find a good solid car in Milwaukee, but cheap? Pre-owned cars aren’t priced as cheaply as they once were, but we can find you a good solid car at a price that’s competitive. In this price range, Japanese automakers are highly-regarded for their dependability, though American automakers have been surging ahead of late.

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