Used Cars in Mount Pleasant (WI)

At Wisconsin Auto Finance, we allow you to explore a huge array of cars available on dealer lots near you. If you have a question about a vehicle, you can email the dealer via the contact form provided. If you’re hoping to finance this vehicle, you might want to find out if they can help you secure the loan you need.

The amount you should commit to a car should be determined by your income. Quite a few experts advise spending roughly a third of your yearly salary on a used vehicle. To illustrate, Mount Pleasant consumers make $32,307 per year, which would equate to a $9,692 car. Should you decide to finance your vehicle, around 10% of your monthly income, at maximum, should be invested in your car payment each month. Be wary of stretching out your repayment period to pay for a nicer vehicle. Financing for 4 years or fewer makes for the healthiest investment. With a monthly income of $2,692, this equates to a payment of $269, at most.

Cheap Cars for Sale in Mount Pleasant, WI

Is low cost a priority for you? Whether you’re looking for a car in Mount Pleasant under $10,000 or $5000, we can help. If you’re purchasing a a high-mileage vehicle, a pre-purchase inspection is a good idea, as is an extended warranty.

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