Used Cars in Sauk City (WI)

Still looking for the right used car? At Wisconsin Auto Finance, we enable you to see what cars are available from dealers in your part of Wisconsin. Track down the car you want, then contact the dealer with any questions or comments you have. You might want to ask them whether financing is an option, if you’d prefer to finance this purchase. Income bracket is the principal basis for how much to spend on a car. Many finance experts recommend spending roughly one-third of your annual salary on a used vehicle. As an example, if you make $41,597 a year, the average in Sauk City, you should buy a car that costs $12,479. When it comes to financing, just 10% of your monthly income ought to be allocated to your car payment each month. Be wary of prolonging your loan repayment period to purchase a more costly vehicle–48 months or less is best. Given an income of $3,466 a month, you’re looking at a maximum payment of $347.

Cheap Used Cars for Sale in Sauk City, WI

Are you looking for a car that’s dependable yet cheap? We update our listings constantly, and we’ve ordinarily got a wide variety of autos for $10,000 or less. In some cases, cars under $5000 are even available. Most of these dealers will accept trade-ins, which could make your new vehicle even cheaper.

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